ContactlessCo. Figma & Webflow Design System

The Webflow UI Kit to end all Webflow UI Kits

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Design System and complete UI UX Kit made for Webflow and Figma. Design in Figma and make changes in Webflow easily. Coming in Jan 2021

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designed for visual developers

First Class Design System that is Adaptable

Contactless-01 is a Designer-First, utility Framework for Webflow and Figma, with 100+ CSS classes, pre-built components, layouts and more! Just drag and drop our block-like components to create beautiful, animated layouts.
Bueatiful, Responsive Figma and Webflow Template
Custom-like blocks to create unlimited layouts
Class names that are the same in Figma and Webflow
the codeless design system

Components, Templates and Global Styles

We have readymade hero, features, about sections and contact forms. We've created 50+ elements that you can use straight away, style later in Master Component in either Figma or Webflow.Using a Component in Webflow is as easy as clicking on its name and pasting into Webflow's search box.

Each Template is enclosed into sectioning element - this way you copy and paste in Webflow without braking the layout. There is some basic styling applied to both core elements, such as headers and colors, as well as components like buttons. You can use it to quickly prototype and completely customize the look & feel of each component later.
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And we'll be adding new Components each month until we run out of ideas.We are updating Pricing, signup and utility pages next month, with other features coming in the months after.
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Tutorial 1 : Getting started with Figma and Webflow
Your Host: Tayler
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Tutorial 2 : Navigating CodelessMarket & Requesting a Download
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Tutorial 3 : Editing the Figma File and Webflow Project
Your Host: Tayler
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We are UI/UX designers working mainly in Webflow and Figma. We create websites for clients, build tools that help us work more efficiently
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We will be adding new Components & Templates each month until we run out of ideas. We are updating pricing page, signup and utility pages next month to Codeless-01 with other features coming after.
Design System that makes sense and isn’t over designed or over developed for speed
Webflow Theme that made for startups and business that rapidly create layouts
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